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Samples from Forthcoming LP

selections from pieces I'm currently working on. Pop music in practice as a departure from habit and experience. 

Art Medium, LLC

commissioned piece for a mobile app. I was requested to retain an analogue, classic game style and to evoke the concept of physical movement and fitness. 


commissioned piece to serve as intro and outro for a podcast called The Mindful Mother Revolution produced by Dena Farash. 

Blonde Mom - New Brute 

Compositionally, New Brute deals with the line of inaccessibility for pop music. New Brute was an exercise in recording, editing, & mixing. Instrumentation includes drums, bass, various percussion, guitar, violin, saxophone, synths and vocals. New Brute was be released in 2018 on Designer Medium Records.

Blonde Mom - Muddy Green

Imagined as a sort of dadaist opera lamenting a rained-out golf trip, Muddy Green is a single released on Furious Hooves Records' compilation Stay Rad Sav. The composition utilizes a patchwork of indeterminate rhythmic interplay, musique concrète tonal interaction and a good deal of time manipulation. 

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