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Fine Art & Installation


a sound composition for a fashion line by designer Oli Latinovich. Video directed by Chad Scott Chilton. 


This is an in process piece. I am designing the composition to picture, working to incorporate sounds that are akin to the visual elements presented. The focus is to represent the movement and changes of the visuals sonically. This piece will eventually include a more diverse sound palette to represent the visual changes that seem to be overlooked at this stage.

A Soft Word Before You Go 

A Soft Word Before You Go is a multi-media installation involving sound composition, large scale projection, performance with backlight, and formatted VHS playback system. Each of the aforementioned visual playback systems is assigned a tonal quality palette that is to be synced to the changing media and performance. For the sound piece, I cut and edited effects to then manipulate them temporally and spatially. This created a piece that could be tied to the visual sync points and retain qualities of motion and momentum.

As it pertains to this video, the changing of the full screen from black to white is representative of the backlit human performance behind a semi-translucent wall. While the left and right frames represent the projected feed onto said wall and the television feed which would be placed ten feed in front of the wall. 

Carey Conner Installation 

Carey Conner is an interactive sound installation in collaboration with the Savannah College of Art and Design's Fibers Department. The  sound composition is based on the original design for the installation space. The pieces contributed from the fibers department are meant to represent the progression of a relationship - from beginning to end. The composition develops in this way with peaks and valleys represented and connected by tonal haze. The cycle is completed in catharsis and the piece begins again. The composition was installed within the space and was fed through a continuous multi-channel playback system.

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